Backpropagation Networks
May 20, 2015

Forward Feed Back Propagation networks (aka Three Layer Forward Feed Networks) have been very successful. Some uses include teaching neural networks to play games, speak and recognize things. Backpropagation networks can be used on several network architectures. The networks are all highly interconnected and use non-linear transfer functions. The network must have at minimum three […]

Ants trapped in Sarracenia
May 11, 2015

ljmacphee posted a photo:

Psychopsis thriving in an AeroGarden
May 11, 2015

ljmacphee posted a photo:

These have been in the AeroGarden about 3 months.

Cephalotus Follicularis
May 11, 2015

ljmacphee posted a photo:

Slowly shifting from flat spring leaves to summer pitcher leaves

May 11, 2015

ljmacphee posted a photo:

Wndowsill Drosera

Sarracenia on windowsill
May 11, 2015

ljmacphee posted a photo:

May 10, 2015

Rosenblatt added the learning law to the McCulloch-Pitts neurode to make it Perception, which is the first of the neural net learning models. The perception has one layer of inputs and one layer of outputs, and one group of weights. If data points on a plot are linearly separable (we can draw a straight line […]

Florescence Houston
April 29, 2015

just a few photos from the Florescence show for inspiration:

Hope Gardens Annual Open Yard 2015
April 13, 2015

We will open Saturday, April 25 at 9:00a.m. – – closing at 4:00p.m. We are Open on Saturday and Sunday to the public. Our last day this year will be May 23, 2015. Location: 18750 F.M. 1484 – Conroe, Texas 77303 Phone: 936-264-1499 Check us on the web at Method of payment accepted: Checks […]

Chysis bractescens
April 11, 2015

This is a brand new acquisition from the Houston Orchid Show. So details here may change. I potted this semi-hydro ( glass pot, clay pellets, about an inch of water well below the root level ) I’ve had fantastic luck with the other orchids potted this way. Like phalaenopsis these should not dry completely out, […]

Dendrobium spectabile
April 4, 2015

Like many house plants, these were no where, then all of a sudden everywhere. These just arrived a few days ago, so I may change this as I have some time to experiment with them. These arrived at about 18″, the stalks will reach 36″ when it is full grown. There are no flowers or […]

2015 Bromeliad Show
March 20, 2015

One Day Spring Sale April 11th 9-3 pm Metropolitan Multi-Services Center 44th Annual Standard Bromeliad Show and Sale Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens Sale May 15th 12-5 May 16th 9-5 May 17th 11-330 Show May 16th 2-5 May 17th 11-330 Bromeliad Society

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